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Interactive and fully-customisable R Shiny environment providing real-time Ichimoku Kinko Hyo cloud charts for major currencies, metals, commodities, government bonds and stock indices using OANDA fxTrade API data. Intuitive cursor infotip provides ready access to the data directly from the chart.


  instrument = "USD_JPY",
  granularity = c("D", "W", "M", "H12", "H8", "H6", "H4", "H3", "H2", "H1", "M30", "M15",
    "M10", "M5", "M4", "M2", "M1", "S30", "S15", "S10", "S5"),
  refresh = 5,
  count = 300,
  price = c("M", "B", "A"),
  theme = c("classic", "dark", "mono", "noguchi", "okabe-ito", "solarized"),
  type = c("none", "r", "s"),
  new.process = FALSE,
  launch.browser = TRUE,
  periods = c(9L, 26L, 52L)



[default 'USD_JPY'] string containing the base currency and quote currency delimited by a '_'. Use the oanda_instruments function to return a list of all valid instruments.


[default "D"] the granularity of the price data to fetch, one of "M", "W", "D", "H12", "H8", "H6", "H4", "H3", "H2", "H1", "M30", "M15", "M10", "M5", "M4", "M2", "M1", "S30", "S15", "S10", "S5".


[default 5] data refresh interval in seconds, with a minimum of 1.


[default 300] the number of periods to return, from 100 to 800. Note that fewer periods are actually shown on the chart to ensure a full cloud is always displayed.


[default "M"] pricing component, one of "M" (midpoint), "B" (bid) or "A" (ask).


[default 'original'] with alternative choices of 'conceptual', 'dark', 'fresh', 'mono', or 'solarized'.


[default 'none'] type of sub-plot to display beneath the ichimoku cloud chart, with a choice of 'none', 'r' or 's' for the corresponding oscillator type.


(optional) specify the "practice" or "live" server according to the account type held. If not specified, will default to "practice", unless this has been changed by oanda_switch.


(optional) string containing the OANDA fxTrade API key (personal access token), or function that returns this string. Does not need to be specified if already stored as the environment variable OANDA_API_KEY or by oanda_set_key. Can also be entered interactively if not specified.


[default FALSE] if TRUE, will start the shiny session in a new R process, unblocking the current process and allowing continued use of the R console.


additional arguments passed along to ichimoku for calculating the ichimoku cloud, autoplot to set chart parameters, or the 'options' argument of shiny::shinyApp().


[default TRUE] If TRUE, the system's default web browser will be launched automatically after the app is started. The value of this argument can also be a function to call with the application's URL. To use the default Shiny viewer in RStudio, please specify getOption("shiny.launch.browser").


[default c(9L, 26L, 52L)] a vector defining the length of periods used for the cloud. This parameter shoud not normally be modified as using other values would be invalid in the context of traditional ichimoku analysis.


Invisible NULL, or a 'mirai' if 'new.process' is specified as TRUE. With default arguments, a Shiny app is launched in the default browser.


This function polls the OANDA fxTrade API for the latest prices and updates a customisable reactive Shiny app at each refresh interval.

Further Details

Please refer to the OANDA fxTrade API vignette by calling: vignette("xoanda", package = "ichimoku").


if (FALSE) {
# OANDA fxTrade API key required to run these examples

# To open in RStudio viewer instead of default browser
oanda_studio(launch.browser = getOption("shiny.launch.browser"))