Return list of instruments including major currencies, metals, commodities, government bonds and stock indices for which pricing data is available from the OANDA fxTrade API.

oanda_instruments(server, apikey)



(optional) specify the "practice" or "live" server according to the account type held. If not specified, will default to "practice", unless this has been changed by oanda_switch.


(optional) string containing the OANDA fxTrade API key (personal access token), or function that returns this string. Does not need to be specified if already stored as the environment variable OANDA_API_KEY or by oanda_set_key. Can also be entered interactively if not specified.


A data.frame containing the instrument name, full display name, and type.


This function returns a data.frame listing the instrument names available for an account associated with the supplied OANDA fxTrade API key.

For further details please refer to the OANDA fxTrade API vignette by calling: vignette("xoanda", package = "ichimoku").


if (FALSE) {
# OANDA fxTrade API key required to run this example