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launch_local spawns a new background Rscript process calling daemon with the specified arguments.

launch_remote returns the shell command for deploying daemons as a character vector. If a configuration generated by remote_config or ssh_config is supplied then this is used to launch the daemon on the remote machine.


launch_local(url, ..., tls = NULL, .compute = "default")

  remote = remote_config(),
  tls = NULL,
  .compute = "default"



the character host URL or vector of host URLs, including the port to connect to (and optionally for websockets, a path), e.g. tcp://hostname:5555' or 'ws://'

or integer index value, or vector of index values, of the dispatcher URLs, or 1L for the host URL (when not using dispatcher).

or for launch_remote only, a ‘miraiCluster’ or ‘miraiNode’.


(optional) additional arguments passed through to daemon. These include ‘autoexit’, ‘cleanup’, ‘output’, ‘maxtasks’, ‘idletime’, ‘walltime’ and ‘timerstart’.


[default NULL] required for secure TLS connections over tls+tcp or wss. Zero-configuration TLS certificates generated by daemons are automatically passed to the daemon, without requiring to be specified here. Otherwise, supply either the character path to a file containing X.509 certificate(s) in PEM format, comprising the certificate authority certificate chain, or a length 2 character vector comprising [i] the certificate authority certificate chain and [ii] the empty character ''.


[default 'default'] character value for the compute profile to use (each compute profile has its own independent set of daemons).


required only for launching remote daemons, a configuration generated by remote_config or ssh_config. An empty remote_config does not effect any daemon launches but returns the shell commands for deploying manually on remote machines.


For launch_local: Invisible NULL.

For launch_remote: A character vector of daemon launch commands, classed as ‘miraiLaunchCmd’. The printed output may be directly copy / pasted to the remote machine.


These functions may be used to re-launch daemons that have exited after reaching time or task limits.

If daemons have been set, the generated command will automatically contain the argument ‘rs’ specifying the length 7 L'Ecuyer-CMRG random seed supplied to the daemon. The values will be different each time the function is called.


if (interactive()) {
# Only run examples in interactive R sessions

daemons(url = host_url(ws = TRUE), dispatcher = FALSE)
launch_local(status()$daemons, maxtasks = 10L)
launch_remote(1L, maxtasks = 10L)

daemons(n = 2L, url = host_url(tls = TRUE))
launch_local(1:2, idletime = 60000L, timerstart = 1L)
launch_remote(1:2, idletime = 60000L, timerstart = 1L)