Retrieve status information for the specified compute profile, comprising current connections and daemons status.

status(.compute = "default")



[default 'default'] character compute profile (each compute profile has its own set of daemons for connecting to different resources).

or a 'miraiCluster' to obtain its status.


A named list comprising:

  • connections - integer number of active connections.
    Using dispatcher: Always 1L as there is a single connection to dispatcher, which connects to the daemons in turn.

  • daemons - of variable type.
    Using dispatcher: a status matrix (see Status Matrix section below), or else an integer 'errorValue' if communication with dispatcher failed.
    Not using dispatcher: the character host URL.
    Not set: 0L.

Status Matrix

When using dispatcher, $daemons comprises an integer matrix with the following columns:

  • i - integer index number.

  • online - shows as 1 when there is an active connection, or else 0 if a daemon has yet to connect or has disconnected.

  • instance - increments by 1 every time there is a new connection at a URL. This counter is designed to track new daemon instances connecting after previous ones have ended (due to time-outs etc.). The count becomes negative immediately after a URL is regenerated by saisei, but increments again once a new daemon connects.

  • assigned - shows the cumulative number of tasks assigned to the daemon.

  • complete - shows the cumulative number of tasks completed by the daemon.

The dispatcher URLs are stored as row names to the matrix.


if (interactive()) {
# Only run examples in interactive R sessions

daemons(n = 2L, url = "wss://[::1]:0")