Provides a single line price quote for an instrument.

oanda_quote(instrument, price = c("M", "B", "A"), server, apikey)



string containing the base currency and quote currency delimited by '_' or '-' (e.g. "USD_JPY" or "usd-jpy"). Use the oanda_instruments function to return a list of all valid instruments.


[default "M"] pricing component, one of "M" (midpoint), "B" (bid) or "A" (ask).


(optional) specify the "practice" or "live" server according to the account type held. If not specified, will default to "practice", unless this has been changed by oanda_switch.


(optional) string containing the OANDA fxTrade API key (personal access token), or function that returns this string. Does not need to be specified if already stored as the environment variable OANDA_API_KEY or by oanda_set_key. Can also be entered interactively if not specified.


Invisible NULL. The instrument, timestamp, daily open, high, low and last prices, percentage change from the open, and the pricing component (M for mid, B for bid, A for ask) is output to the console.


This function is designed for interactive use.

For further details please refer to the OANDA fxTrade API vignette by calling: vignette("xoanda", package = "ichimoku").


if (FALSE) {
# OANDA fxTrade API key required to run this example