Not Shikokuchuo, … 四国中央じゃないけど | 2010

Sapporo kouen Sapporo yellow Sapporo naka Sapporo taxi

Sapporo white Sapporo original Sapporo purple Sapporo blue

I first visited Japan in 2009 and have been returning every year. What is it about this place that draws me back?

I first visited Shikokuchuo in 2016. Now when I return to Japan, it is to Shikokuchuo that I must go. What is it about this place that draws me back so?

I have come to realise that my photography over the past 10 years has been about trying to capture that unique time-space. The essence of that physical place and experience. That feeling that keeps drawing me back.

Each sentiment on one sliver of photographic film.

I have come to realise that this is not actually an attempt at documentation. Rather, of creation – that of my own Shikokuchuo. A transformation of a time-space into a mind-construct – an idealisation, imagination, fantasy…

One sliver of photographic film at a time.

For I can sometimes find Shikokuchuo elsewhere. Perhaps it can be re-created. This project has in its own way become somewhat of an obsession, a compulsion.

Can photography simultaneously be trigger and form of therapy?