Returns the version of 'libnng' used and whether TLS is supported.



A character vector of length 2.

TLS Support

Where system installations of 'libnng' and 'libmbedtls' development headers are detected in the same location, it is assumed that NNG was built with TLS support (using Mbed TLS) and TLS is configured appropriately.

Otherwise, the environment variable Sys.setenv(NANONEXT_TLS=1) may be set prior to installation if:

- your system installations of 'libnng' (built with TLS support) and 'libmbedtls' are in different locations; or

- you have a system installation of 'libmbedtls' but not 'libnng' and want nanonext to download and build a more recent version of 'libnng' than available in system repositories against this.

Note: this is not applicable to Windows systems.


#> [1] "1.6.0pre"       "No TLS Support"