Light Brushing

Feb 2015 - Jan 2024

I am a photographer.

I affirm this each morning by pointing my camera at the window and taking a photograph, nothing more than this.

Since February 2015 (ongoing).

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A random selection of 2 windows sampled from 2411 photographs dating from Feb 2015
to Jan 2024.

This website has been generated by a computer program residing in the cloud running

automatically every hour. For each run, between 1 and 6 images are selected. This

means that images can be expected to be displayed, on average, around once every

month. The code for this website has been open sourced.

Nobuyoshi Araki, Tokyo Radiation August 6-15, 2010:1

Araki was receiving radiation treatment for cancer and every morning he “looked at the sky from where the bombs came”.

“Other people brush their teeth, I brush my eyes,”

he said.

David Green and Joanna Lowry, 2003: 2

“Photographs… are not just indexical because light happened to be recorded in an instant on a piece of photosensitive film, but because, first and foremost, they were taken.

The very act of photography, as a kind of gesture,

which points to an event in the world, as a form of designation… is thus itself a form of indexicality.”

An edition of 80 windows was exhibited as an analogue carousel slideshow projection at Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary Square, London February 2016

  1. Araki, Nobuyoshi 荒木経惟 (2010), 東京ホーシャセン August 6-15, 2010 [Tokyo Radiation August 6-15, 2010], ウイズ出版↩︎

  2. Green, D. and Lowry, J. (2003), “From Presence to the Performative: Rethinking Photographic Indexicality” in Where is the Photograph?, Photoforum and Photoworks↩︎